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SQX Dance Company: back in Fort St. James

The dance company, SQX is named after a giant tree called the Sequoia tree and what was offered.
SQX Dance Company perform for the school community at Nak'albun Elementary School on Oct. 4.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

The dance company, SQX is named after a giant tree called the Sequoia tree and what was offered to students at Nak’albun Elementary School on Oct. 3-4 was a full Sequoia Experience.

As dancers branched out forming different groups within the school, students were engaged with members from the dance company as they learned contemporary dance moves in preparation for a final performance in the school gym.

But it’s much more than just learning to dance according to the company.

“We deliver and champion our mission by bringing performances and interactive programming to both large and small communities around the world. “

SQX differs from other dance companies as they have a uniquely blended social-cultural mission. They use dance to promote social values, art and culture.

This was clear as dance members worked with their groups but also spoke of the importance of teamwork and how dance can promote friendship, understanding and compassion.

At the final performance, students were eager to show off their dance moves to their families and the rest of the school community.

“The students have worked hard to prepare for this,” Carmen Moreira, executive director of SQX said.

“Our mission is to dance through kinship, collaboration and teamwork. And you should all be so proud of these students. They put so much work into these performances.”

With a performance by the dancers themselves, it was clear that their craft involves an elite level of physical fitness, imagination but above all, heart,

It was then time for the students at Nak’albun to show off their moves, together.

SQX is based in England and in Canada. It is a non-profit organization with charitable status.

For more information about SQX and programs available, visit: