Stabbing leaves one man wounded, one in custody

Twenty-year-old Kurt Harold Kristoferson is in custody after a knife attack early Saturday in Fort St. James.

Twenty-year-old Kurt Harold Kristoferson is remanded in custody after a knife attack early Saturday morning in Fort St. James.

RCMP were called to the Stuart Lake Hospital at around 4 a.m. the morning of Saturday, August 27 to investigate apparent stab wounds.

Daniel Daley, 19, was being treated for wounds to his left arm, left ribs and left side of his head.

After interviewing the victim, the RCMP then located and arrested Kristoferson, who was taken into custody and has since been charged with assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, as well as breaches of conditions. Kristoferson was already on parole for previous offences when the incident took place.

According to Daley, the two were good friends, and both men were hanging out and drinking at Kristoferson’s house with their girlfriends when they began to argue.

The argument then became violent, and Daley said he isn’t even sure what the argument was about.

Daley is still recovering, but received 12 stitches and still has numbness in his thumb, but is otherwise doing well.

Kristoferson appeared in court on Tuesday, August 29 and will remain in custody in Prince George until his next court appearance.