Students walk out in solidarity with teachers

Students of FSJSS walked out of school Friday to show solidarity with their teachers.

On Friday, March 2, students walked out of FSJSS to support their teachers.

At 2 pm on Friday a group of about thirty kids walked out of the school to Spirit Square where they held up handmade signs in support of the teachers in their struggle in negotiating a contract with the provincial government.

A group of students organised the walk-out after one of them saw students in Vancouver protesting.

“I saw some students in Vancouver protesting and I was really supportive of them,” said Sheridan Tamayo-Henderson, a grade 11 student in FSJSS.

The teachers of the school encouraged the students not to walk out.

“That was a personal choice,” said Ken Young, principal of FSJSS. “It was not encouraged by our staff.”

Despite that the students felt they had to protest because of the legislation the government is trying to put through to force teachers to work.

“The government is trying to silence the teachers, but they can’t silence the students,” said Tamayo-Henderson.