The Festival of the Performing Arts: Speech Arts Results

The 38th annual Festival of the Performing Arts is over for another year.

  • Mar. 30, 2016 8:00 p.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

The 38th annual Festival of the Performing Arts is over for another year.

The event was held on March 7 – 20, at the Nechako Valley Senior Secondary School in Vanderhoof, B.C.

Awards were given in the vocal, speech arts, strings and piano categories.

Two students from Fort St. James, Minna Jones and Nyah Duncan, received first class honours in the piano category.

A piano workshop was offered on March 15 and the festival wrapped up with a Spring Arts Gala Concert on March 20.

Speech Arts Results:


List of Participants in the Speech Arts Festival, 2016



Adjudicator – Christina Rogers



First Class Honours with Distinction


Luther Pelzer

Mr. Gray’s Grade Four Class, Evelyn Dickson School

Breanna Challen

Melissa Clemson

Sarah Thiessen

Emma Wiebe


First Class Honours


Grace Brown

Annika Pelzer

Mika Hara

Hadassah Thiessen

Mary Jayne Brown

Dietrich Pelzer

Samuel Thiessen

Graham Yoder

Jessica Brown

Grade 3 & 4 Class, Northside Christian School

Clara Yoder

Trista Teichroeb

Abigail Yoder

Molly Fandrey

Josh Reurink

Emma Wiebe

Caroline Shenk

Grade 12 English class, Northside Christian School

Grace Arnott


Best Overall Speech Arts Award: Mr. Gray’s Grade 4 Class, Evelyn Dickson School

Adjudicator’s Choice Speech Arts Award, Junior: Sarah Thiessen

Adjudicator’s Choice Speech Arts Award, Intermediate: Emma Wiebe

Provincials Recommendation, Junior Speech Arts: Breanna Challen of Prince George

Observer: Melissa Clemson of Prince George

Provincial Recommendation, Open Shakespeare Duo: Josh Reurink and Molly Fandrey of Prince George

Additional Provincials Observers: Molly Fandry and Sarah Thiessen of Vanderhoof