Two-part plan will cost $120,000

Fort St. James mayor and council has approved a two-part solution to a water service issue.

Council has approved a two-part solution to a water service issue.

The problem is a leaking water line, which has been an ongoing problem for three properties on Stuart Drive next to the District of Fort St. James office for up to two years.

The properties of 487-561 Stuart Drive West have been experiencing problems believed to be caused by old water service lines through their properties, and while public works has not been able to pin point the problem, a solution proposed by a consultant firm has now been approved by mayor and council.

“I know for me there’s a sense of frustration with the property owners,” said Mayor Rob MacDougall. “It’s been going on for quite awhile, I think we need to do something.”

Opus DaytonKnight Consultants had been hired to look at possible solutions to the issue, and their proposed solutions will cost $120,000 plus an estimated seven to 10 per cent consultant fee.

Meetings with the property owners, the consultant and the municipality led to an understanding the directional drilling of new service connections from the opposite side of the street would be the best long-term solution, as it would require the least amount of disturbance to the respective properties.

The bulk of the cost would be due to the cost of directionally drilling the new services to the individual properties, and $10,000 would be due to temporary overland water lines put in place for the winter months to stop further water damage to the properties, where water has been seeping into basements.

The project to drill the new lines would require closing one lane of traffic on Stuart drive for 3 days, which they would want to do during spring break up if possible to reduce the impact on thru traffic.