Women connect for Christmas crafts

Women connect for Christmas crafts on Nov. 4 in Fort St. James.

  • Nov. 4, 2015 5:00 a.m.



Caledonia Courier

Women’s Connect

will be holding a craft

workshop on Nov. 4

from 6 – 8 in the Nechako

Valley Community

Services boardroom.

The group meets

monthly and this month,

all women in the Fort

St. James community

are encouraged to come

out and engage, meet

new people, have fun,

and make a craft while

they’re at it.

Santa Claus beaded

earrings are on the

agenda for this month.

Joan Macgillivray,

who organizes the event

along with fellow group

member, Anna Leon

says that this is a great

opportunity to meet

other women of all

ages from new moms to

grandmothers. All are


“It takes a community

to raise a child”,

Macgillivray says. “It’s

Women connect for Christmas crafts

a great way to get women

in the community

together in our small


The group decides

what the next project

will be from month to

month and someone always

steps up and facilitates

be it craft making

or a walk. “It’s up to the

group and the best thing

is that it’s free,” Macgillivray


“Women look forward

to it and it gives

them some time out of

the house for 2 hrs a


For more information

or to register for

the Women’s Connect

Workshop call: (250)