Fort leaves an impression

The Fort left an impression on some workers recently doing some work in the area.



We just finished up a highways electrical lighting job through your town and though I have never done this before I wanted to make a few comments.

First I would like to say that we work all over B.C. in almost every town/city in every corner of the province.

Never for too long but it’s always the same, you have good and bad.

On the job in your town I had eight of my guys to complete the project.

Now not just one or two but all of the guys commented on how friendly everyone was, how understanding they were that while we might be holding them up for a few minutes we are just trying to get our job done.

We didn’t hear the usual honk of the horn or yelling out the widow, it was the opposite in that people offered us cool drinks and we even had a very nice lady drop us off some homemade popsicles with real fruit – wow!

All of us wanted to say thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome and our job a little bit more enjoyable.

Thank You!


Mike Irmen

Owner of Michael’s Electrical and Ironman directional drilling