Give us a break from brakes?

Engine brake use in the area seems unnecessary, but police presence seems to help.

It’s amazing what a little enforcement can do.

Truly, sometimes I am dumbfounded at the number of truck drivers, who, either are completely illiterate and can not read the sign as they enter the community which clearly reads: “No engine brakes in urban areas,” or simply do not care they are going by homes and a through a community.

But I am also very impressed with the change of this when a little enforcement goes into effect.

Tuesday of last week, it was the usual morning, with probably nearly one out of four large truck drivers using his or her engine brakes as they come down the hill and along the straight stretch next to Cottonwood Park and then into the sharp corner before downtown.

But then, the day noticeably changed.

On one trip to town, an RCMP vehicle was pulled over in front of Cottonwood, with a pickup truck with a plate which identified it as a company truck pulled over.

For a few hours afterward, the change was noticeable, and far fewer engine brakes were being used.

Now, perhaps this was just a coincidence, and it just so happened all of the literate truck drivers or considerate ones, whichever the case, were going by after the RCMP presence along the stretch.

But perhaps it was a case of a little enforcement goes a long way.

It is just great to see, whatever the case, or should I say, it is great to hear (the silence) and I sure do appreciate it.

I hope the RCMP keep up the good work, or alternately, more truck drivers take a bit more consideration while going through communities.