A letter of thanks to the community for their support and to Dr. Mate for his appearance.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped make the speaking engagement with Dr Gabor Mate on November 26 and 27 such a huge success.

The Harm Reduction Committee, made up of partnering agencies, was instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition.  I deeply appreciate your hard work and dedication as you strive on a daily basis to improve the health and well-being of our communities.

Thank you to:

•    The STOP HIV Program and Nak’azdli Health Centre for your financial support.

•     Nak’azdli First Nations for the use of Kwah Hall and Nak’albun School students and staff for sacrificing your gym time; allowing us to have space large enough to accommodate everyone.

•    Those who came out in support of the conference.  Your response and attendance was greater than expected.

•    Dr. Mate who agreed to come to our small community and left a large imprint.

•    Those who were involved in different capacities during the 2 days.

•    The people and agencies that are committed to working in partnership for a common goal.

It is deeply gratifying and rewarding to live and work in such an amazingly hospitable community.


Jo Anne Alexander