Grease the wheels

Spring is technically here, time to get prepped, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself...

Time to eat my words.

While I am going to take advantage of what small scraps of winter are still available, like slushy spring turns in the sunshine at Murray Ridge, I am also getting the urge to drag out the bike.

Afternoons full of melting slush and dirt patches poking through on pathways has me thinking of bike season already.

People in other parts of the province have been out biking for a bit this year, and even some intrepid soles here, but I did not want to get ahead of myself.

The spring here can tend to stop and start and drag on for some time.

But with the proper set up (and perhaps once the roads get some sweeping) the bike should be coming out now, ready for at least little forays to the store or out around the loop with the dog.

It is hard to resist the urge towards the summer pursuits as we look forward to fair weather and ice-free beaches.

So for this week, as we dream of barbecues and bask in the warmth of the stronger sunshine, I aim to get the chain lubed up and the wheels full of air.

Remember to watch out for cyclists and pedestrians as the weather warms, the roads can become more crowded.

Motorcycles are next.