Have your say on the Northern Gateway

Letter to the editor calls for public input into the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.



Last Wednesday night I stood before Fort St. James District Council and asked them to take a public position on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

I was not alone. I was proud to stand with other members of our community who also asked them to take that same action. I have never seen so many people in the council chambers.

Council told us that because one councilor was away they would not take a vote last night, but that they would do so soon.

The mayor said that council wanted to hear more from the community on how they felt about this proposed pipeline.

So here’s your chance to stand with those members of the community who asked our local elected officials to take a public position on this project.

Let district council know how you feel about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project, your concerns about potential impacts of this project on our community, and why it is important for them to take a public position on this project.

Ask them to make this decision sooner rather than later.

Our community is directly impacted by the Northern Gateway proposal, much more so than any of the other communities that have taken a public position so far on the project. It is so important that our elected officials know how the people who elected them, the people they represent, feel about projects like this that have a direct impact on us, our lakes and rivers, and our community.  And it is equally important that they tell us where they stand on Northern Gateway.


Kandace Kerr

Fort St James