In the lurch

Local resident expresses his frustration with the doctor shortage in the community.



When I see all the doctors that come to the Fort and leave very shortly it makes me mad.

It looks like the doctors are taking advantage of Dr. Stent.

It would look like Dr. Stent helps them come to the Fort and once he helps them get here and they are accepted they move on, leaving Dr. Stent holding the bag as usual.

If they are from out of the country they should have to stay in the one place for five years or be deported back to where they came from with no chance of ever coming to Canada again.

When they come to Canada then move on right away they only make the problems worse, so if you don’t want to stay then do us a favour and stay home.

The doctors that walk off are trying to wear out the only doctor who has stayed regardless of what happened.

If you are not part of the cure then you are part of the problem and Northern Health is no better.

We used to have two ambulances and now we will have only one, so I guess when we have only one doctor then we only need one ambulance.

I wonder how long before we will only need one nurse and if we are really lucky they won’t board up all the rooms in the hospital but one.

If we only have one ambulance then maybe we should use the second bay at the ambulance building for a hospital, this will cut expenses by quite a bit.



Vernon Smith

Fort St. James