Opinions of all kinds are welcome

Opinions are welcome, and letters can be printed for the community with names and when a phone number is given for contact.

To Whom It May Concern:

This week I received a letter in the mail from an anonymous and reluctant reader of the newspaper.

The letter was very critical of the newspaper in general and my work specifically, with many points to which I would like to respond.

While it would be very useful to print the letter, there was no name or phone number, both of which would be needed to print it as a letter in the paper.

It is Black Press policy to print letters with names and to confirm via telephone the writer of the letter wishes to have it published under their name.

With respect to one matter contained in the letter, the delay in the news printed in The Caledonia Courier has to do with the printing press deadline, which comes on Friday, while the paper is distributed on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, this does mean events taking place the weekend before a newspaper comes out will not come out in the next paper, but instead a week and a half later.

Many times photos from these events or stories are up online prior to this either on the Caledonia Courier Facebook Page or www.caledoniacourier.com.

While not everyone can go and view more online, it is a way to get more local content out, as the size of the printed newspaper is determined by the number of ads in order to balance the printing costs.

If you would like to send another note which includes your name and phone number so we can print the letter, then we can share your criticisms with the community and perhaps get some constructive feedback.

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.