Rural is good

There are definitely times when being rural is a good thing.

There are definitely times when being rural is a good thing.



When the traffic “rush hour” is a five-minute difference in your drive on Friday afternoon; when you want to be able to step out your door and be walking in the peaceful outdoors in five minutes tops; and when the Canadian Union of Postal Workers goes on strike.



While the uncertainty of the postal situation means subscribers won’t be able to pick up their newspaper with the mail, it does mean more people can pick up the paper and have a look.



The paper will be available for pickup by community members at the Sana’aih Market, for free.



To ensure the paper goes out to subscribers during the postal strike, people can pick it up at Sana’aih, and this offers people who might not normally read the paper to take a look as well.



While online may in the distant future be the only option, there are still many folks who prefer the tangible substance of paper between their fingers and turning pages. Not to mention you can’t cut out a photograph from the computer screen and paste it on the fridge.

So the paper will still go out, and hopefully, someone will still read what I spend so much time putting together each week.




Once again, being rural has its benefits.