Take a break

The olympics offer an opportunity for us to celebrate some of humanity and take a break from the negative.

Happy olympics.

Or should I say happy vacation from bad news.

I know life still goes on, beautiful and horrible both.

Brutal and messy.

But during the olympics, Syrian deaths slip into the background.

The sounds of bombs are drowned out by the roar of the crowd as the athletes race to the finish or complete a medal performance.

The truth is, it’s nice not to have to dwell on the negative, the relentless, horrible truths, at least for a short time.

We are using resources far faster than is sustainable and there are children suffering in terrible wars.

The Middle East is a mess and shows no signs of improving anytime soon.

These may be realities we need to face.

But the olympics is like a news and media all-inclusive resort for our overstimulated minds.

Call it a retreat or call it hiding – at some point we all need a break.

While nationalism and commercialism may run rampant, at least the commercials are heartwarming and positive.

And the nationalism is tempered by a respect for athletic prowess and while we prefer to see our own athletes on the podium, we respect a perfect performance and appreciate the comradary of true sportsmanship and athletic ability.

So while it may also distract you from your work, enjoy this olympic experience.

Syria, Africa and all the other messy and horrible realities will still be there, and while we need to pay attention to them, we also can sometimes appreciate some of the beauty of humanity when it happens.