Thanks from GUF

GUF board thanks the community of Fort St. James for their support.


On the May long weekend of this year, Greening Up the Fort’s  Integris Recycling Centre burnt to the ground.

The society directors have been hard at work. It is our intention  to be up and running in a new building by year end.

At this time the directors have many people to thank for support and inspiration during this challenging time. So many of you supported GUF during this very difficult time. We cannot thank each of you personally.

Our partners have been supportive and renewed their commitment to GUF and recycling,  demonstrating a belief that we can create a more sustainable community.

Thank you to our employees who created the success of the program in the start up weeks dealing with the many challenges we encountered. They were as devastated  as the directors when they learned of the fire.

And we particularly want to thank the people of Fort St. James who have been committed to recycling their paper and cardboard at a phenomenal rate. You have proven to GUF that we all want a more sustainable world.  You came out to our open house after the fire offering support and ideas, and many of you have purchased a GUF membership ,  and made donations .  We are becoming excited that we will soon be up and running again because we know you hate seeing all that fibre heading to the landfill.

Like any unexpected event this fire has affected us financially.

We appreciate the donations made through the district office and the purchasing of memberships to help with this impact.

As you have proven so many times Fort St. James is a wonderful place to live.

Together we can create a  Phoenix once again rising out of the ashes.


Marilyn Gammon

Lynne George

Kat Slorstad

Berit Christensen

Kandace Kerr

Pat Kuharchuk

Louise Evans-Salt

GUF Board of Directors