There’s something in the air…

Thoughts on the Christmas season and holiday spirit.

“It’s the most wonderful time… of the year.”

Or so the Christmas carol claims.

I admit it, I have a soft spot for the charms of the Christmas spirit.

People seem so much more positive, more outgoing, helpful and patient.

Not to mention the good news stories seem to take up more space and time, with heartwarming tales of teenagers helping teenagers instead of bullying them (Marcel Prince’s illness has brought what seems like the entire high school together in support of their schoolmate), the Food and Toy Drive helping all kinds of families in need, and warm clothing  being collected to keep the disadvantaged a little bit warmer through the winter.

While it can be a hard time of year for many people, it is also a time of year to appreciate all of the things which we can be so grateful for.

The privilege of living in a society which affords us many advantages and the beauty of the area we are so lucky to call home come together to give the holidays a cheerful glow.

There is a ski hill practically in our backyards (which will open soon, snow and groomer permitting), there are mountains along the horizon, a beautiful lake.

Here’s hoping you and yours enjoy a wonderful holiday, and if you ski or board, I will see you at the hill.

Happy holidays Fort St. James.

Now to bottle this spirit into some sort of post-holiday blues remedy.