Welcome to beautiful BC

The surreal drive through the mountains is a life changing adventure that I would do again any time.

From the moment I drove over the invisible line from Alberta to British Columbia, something definitely changed.

Instead of flat land and slight rolling hills stood gigantic mountains so high their peeks could not be seen over the clouds. Dusty sand storms turned into white water rafting. Open farm fields were now forests of tall Dr. Seuss trees. The dry-mouth parries were gone and a cool mountain air served like a cold beverage on a hot summer day. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking as we climbed further up the mountainous terrain. It’s no wonder hundreds of tourists flickered their cameras at the chance to capture even a part of the natural beauty.

Up and up we drove. The elevation made my ears pop, but nothing could sidetrack me from the allure of the mountains. Now, standing at the top off a bird eye platform, I marvelled at how big the mountains were and how far they stretched over land. It was so peaceful and calming I reached a state of nostalgia. One big breath in I exhaled and knew I was in the right place. Driving through Jasper park will now and forever be one of my most favourite things I have ever done.