Kora Lee Memorial volleyball tournament

The Kora Lee memorial Volleyball tournament is one of the ways the family and friends of both Kora Lee Prince and Matt Karey wish to remember the two youth who lost their lives on Christmas night in 2004.

The community came together to assist in the search for the missing teens with open arms and helpful hands.  Friendships were made and a community bonded.

The community sent a message, a message that we will stand together in times of need- we will work together in times of despair and we will come together in times of hope.  It is hope that will be fed.  It is hope that will be nourished.

The family and friends of Matt Karey and Kora Lee Prince devote this tournament, to both the memory of two lost teens, and to the kindness and love of Ft. St. James and surrounding communities which will never be forgotten.

As a long standing organizer of the Kora Lee memorial volleyball tournament and on behalf of all the family and friends who continually make the Kora Lee Memorial volleyball tournament a success, I wish to extend a very large thank you to all the sponsors of the tournament.

The winners of this years’ tournament are as follows:




First in the A-division  Kamloops Hit squad

Second in the A-Division PG Fullminute

Third in the A-Division PG Young Guns

First in the B-Division Mookies Cookies

Second in the B-Division Boats and Hoses

Third in the B-Division Taking Care of Business




MVP male A-division: Leon Erickson

MVP female A-Divison: Gloria Sheena

MVP male B-Division: Leon Erickson

MVP female B-Division: Pam Mulroy





The tournament annually acknowledges a person who personifies the term “most inspirational person”.  This Matt Karey award goes to the person (Not necessarily a player) who is always friendly and helpful.  A person who comes out and cheers on all the teams and is always willing to be available to help.  This person is the tournament embodiment of what being from Fort St. James really means.   This year the most inspirational person at the tournament is: Wanna Blue Alexander.