One of the Rail Jam competitors slides the first rail on Saturday

One of the Rail Jam competitors slides the first rail on Saturday

Slush Cup 2013

The March 9/10 weekend at Murray Ridge featured an early Slush Cup due the the early Spring Break.

There was slush for everyone on Saturday at Slush Cup on Murray Ridge, but the crowds did not come out until Sunday, when the slush pit was prepped for jumpers.

Saturday saw a Rail Jam event while Sunday had events going all afternoon.

The Hat Lake Hurl was relocated due to conditions and was instead the Cassiar Catapult, with Sarah Grill blowing away the competition, breaking her own previous record with a 53 second run down the face.

Janna Burgart took second among the adult skiers.

The 12- to 16-year-old winners were Tahlea Perry in first and Logan Burke in second place.

Mina Jones was first and Vienna Perry second for the under 12 age group.

The fastest boarders were Jess Hill among the adults and Oscar Croucher among the 12- to 16-year-olds.

Slush cup jumper winners who braved the pit of chilly water on a windy day were Vienna Perry (first place), Nicole Kristofferssen (second place) and Kolby Wilson (third place).

Jeff Jones was the only mountain bike racer to bring his bike this year, and therefore maintained his lengthy winning streak (he doesn’t remember a year he has not won the race).

There were two bathtub race entries, where teams of skiers and boarders holding ropes navigate whatever contraption they bring which will hold at least one member of the team through a series of gates on Molstar.

Fort St. Jamaica was the victorious team, and while the competition’s recliner did indeed rocket down the hill, it unfortunately missed a number of gates on the way.

Facebook photo album from the weekend