David Schemenauer shows some style on one of the rails in the Murray Ridge Rail Jam on Saturday

David Schemenauer shows some style on one of the rails in the Murray Ridge Rail Jam on Saturday

We’re jammin’ – Rail Jam and Big Air at Murray Ridge

Weekend rail jam and big air competitions at Murray Ridge Ski Hill.

The weekend of March 3 and March 4 at Murray Ridge saw some skiers and boarders wowing spectators with their skills during the fourth Rail Jam on Saturday, followed by a Big Air competition on Sunday.

Saturday’s Rail Jam competition drew some of the usual suspects, as well as some newer entrants.

First place went to Joe Poznikoff, second to Keenan Traczyk, both participants in last year’s competition, Poznikoff placed third last year, while Traczyk did not place.

Traczyk impressed the judges with a 270 onto a rail in one of his runs. Third place went to new competitor Cody Willick.

David Schemenauer did a blunt slide which the judges found memorable as well.

The Big Air on Sunday drew a larger crowd, likely due to the better weather during the competition, but only four participants.

The low numbers meant each participant got a prize from Ruckus for their efforts.

Last year there were two age categories because there were more entrants of a range of ages, however all four entrants this year were over 16. Last year Liam Willick took first place in the under 16 with a smooth front flip, which he repeated in one of his runs this year, but didn’t manage to get the points he needed in his other runs to repeat the first place finish.

First place instead went to the only snowboarder, Jeremiah Traczyk, who put on an outstanding performance, landing all of his three jumps and making them look smooth and easy, with the small exception of his final landing, which was a bit tail-heavy.

Murray Ridge was preparing to host another Rail Jam again on the weekend, after the paper went to press on Friday, and will be following that up with Slush Cup shortly after on the March 18 weekend.